ARD and Geochemistry

Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. provides a full suite of technical services related to geochemistry and acid rock drainage (ARD) such as field investigations including site characterization, drilling, monitoring well installation, water quality sampling and monitoring, laboratory testing, interpretation and prediction as well as engineering and management for contaminant control. Our staff has experience with a vast range of field and laboratory sampling and testing methods and is familiar with local and international guidelines and regulations pertaining to water quality and sampling. RGC has developed an expertise in geochemistry and ARD evaluations. We routinely employ computer-aided techniques for interpretation of results, including equilibrium speciation modeling and transport modeling for conservative and reactive species.

RGC integrates the geochemical and ARD expertise and site specific knowledge with our understanding of hydrological and hydrogeological systems and mining operations in order to assist our clients with mine waste and water management, mine closure planning, risk and liability assessments and development of contaminant control measures to minimize impacts and costs as a result of geochemical and ARD issues.

Typical projects include:

  • geochemical/mineralogical characterization of materials
  • standard acid-base accounting
  • solid and solution chemistry
  • leach extraction testing
  • kinetic testing
  • speciation modeling

Example of Geochemical/Mineralogical Test Results

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