Audit and Review for Mines

RGC personnel have participated in numerous audits and reviews of mines for:

  • environmental liability assessments
  • stability and safety of major geotechnical structures
  • pollution and contamination surveys
  • closure requirements and liability
  • completeness of baseline surveys and adequacy of contaminant source characterization and controls
  • financial institutions prior to funding mining projects

These audits and reviews have been completed as individual inspections or involving multidisciplinary teams of geotechnical and mining engineers, geochemists, hydrogeologists and environmental scientists to suit the project complexity and liability risk requirements.

RGC also perform regular reviews and inspections of operating and closed mines, and serve on Review Boards for a number of mining companies. The Review Boards that Dr. Robertson is, or has served on is listed here.

A description of the Audit and Review levels and methodology has been written up by RGC personnel on the EnviroMine website.

Examples of projects for which RGC have performed Environmental Liability Assessments or Audits are provided in our Project Experience matrix. A few examples are:

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