Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. provides a full suite of technical services related to hydrological field investigations including field sampling and monitoring. We offer modeling services ranging in scope and scale from solute transport in streams and rivers to infiltration through the uppermost, unsaturated zone. The results of field investigations and numerical modeling are commonly used in environmental assessments, development of surface water protection and/or remediation strategies and design of monitoring programs.

RGC Statement of Qualification for Hydro(geo)logical Experience

Typical projects include

  • aquifer Characterization (including drilling, monitoring well installation & hydraulic testing)
  • watershed hydrology and water balance studies
  • watershed geochemistry and load balance studies
  • characterization of seepage behavior in tailings impoundments and waste rock piles
  • prediction of phreatic surface under various operating conditions (including high run-off events)
  • designs of seepage control systems with due consideration to dam stability and water quality

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