Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. provides a full suite of technical services related to field investigations including drilling, monitoring well installation, hydraulic testing, water level monitoring and water quality sampling. Our staff has experience with all major drilling and well installation methods and is familiar with local and international guidelines and regulations pertaining to groundwater monitoring and sampling. RGC has developed an expertise in hydraulic testing ranging from single borehole testing (slug test, single well pump test or packer testing) to full-scale pump tests of larger aquifers. We routinely employ computer-aided techniques for interpretation of well testing, including 3D groundwater flow modeling for interpretation of full-scale aquifer pump tests.

Robertson GeoConsultants Inc. provides a range of groundwater modeling services related to water management and aquifer remediation. Our modeling team is experienced with a wide range of numerical modeling techniques and commercial modeling software packages giving us flexibility to select the modeling approach most suited to project objectives. We offer modeling services ranging in scope and scale from infiltration through the uppermost, unsaturated zone to deep, regional groundwater flow in large aquifer systems. Groundwater flow and transport models are often integrated with hydrological and/or geochemical models to provide the correct boundary conditions. The results of field investigations and numerical modeling are commonly used in environmental assessments, development of groundwater protection and/or remediation strategies and design of monitoring programs.

RGC Statement of Qualification for Hydrogeological Experience

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